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Update The Coastal Hazards Viewer beta version is now available!
Update The Advanced Viewer is back online!
NEW Connecticut MS4 layers and viewer including statewide impervious surface layers for viewing and download.
Update The Download Manager instructions for multiple 2016 image and elevation tile download have been updated.
NEW Contours from the 2016 lidar available for download. Map service coming soon.
NEW Lidar point files (LAS format) from the spring 2016 flight are now available for download. In the future, they will be available from NOAA in different formats and projections.


The newly designed and updated Advanced Viewer is now online including help! The viewer contains loads of layers that can be combined in many different combinations along with advanced tools such as query, filter, identify all, drawing and locate me. Check it out!
A lot of changes have been made to the lidar-based elevation on CT ECO. First, seamless 2016 layers are now in the Elevation Viewer. Second, all lidar datasets with DEMs are available as image services with raster functions. The new Elevation Interact ArcGIS Online map includes all image services with raster functions. Finally, all help and instructional pages have been updated to reflect the updates.

CT ECO Webinar posted on the CLEAR website.

Old CT ECO servers including,, and were disconnected. New services are listed on the map services page.

The quality (3 inch pixels!) and extent (statewide!) of 2016 flight is a first for Connecticut! All of the imagery tiles and town mosaics have been received and are available for viewing and downloading. Lidar files should be arriving soon - more updates here.

About this website

Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online (CT ECO) is the collaborative work of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the University of Connecticut Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) to share environmental and natural resource information with the general public. CT ECO's mission is to encourage, support, and promote informed land use and development decisions in Connecticut by providing local, state and federal agencies, and the general public with convenient access to the most up-to-date and complete natural resource information available statewide.

CT ECO includes a variety of online maps and tools for viewing Connecticut’s environmental and natural resources such as protected open space, farmland soils, wetland soils, aquifer protection areas, water quality classifications, and drainage basins. Each can be viewed separately or in conjunction with other environmental and natural resource information. In addition, CT ECO includes several dates of high resolution orthophotography as well as statewide elevation data..



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