Personalize CT ECO Maps using ArcGIS Online

CT ECO data is now available on ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online is a website, developed by Esri, that allows a user to create custom, interactive web maps and save them to a personal account. Maps can be edited, shared and embedded on third party websites.

CT ECO on ArcGIS Online includes maps and data provided through the CT ECO website in easy to use single factor maps. Additionally, CT ECO on ArcGIS Online provides featured maps for Connecticut as well as access to image and map services.



Before you get started, create an account if you don't have one already. Be sure it is a personal account which is free for personal use.

AGOL Personal Account


Getting Started with CT ECO on ArcGIS Online

CT ECO thematic maps, image and map services are now available on ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online provides map galleries for browsing and viewing these maps and data services. Additionally, the CT ECO "Featured Map Gallery" showcases topical maps including those related to current events and new data releases. Users with ArcGIS Online accounts can search for CT ECO maps and data and save copies of these resources to their own accounts and customize maps with additional data sets and maps services.

Getting Started: Visit to get started!

The Home Page: The home page provides access to the CT ECO map "Gallery", CT ECO "Groups" and "Featured Maps". Users can sign in and access personalized content from the "My Content" tab at the top of the page or create a new map from scratch using the "Map".


The Map Gallery: Click on the Gallery tab at the top of the homepage. The Gallery features CT ECO thematic map sets. These are the same maps available in the Simple Map Viewer on the CT ECO website. Click on any map in the gallery to open it in the ArcGIS Online map viewer.


The Map Viewer: The map viewer can be accessed by clicking on a specific CT ECO map in a gallery or group, or by opening the map from the Map tab at the top of the ArcGIS Online interface. Once the map is opened, a user can interact with it by zooming in or out, panning the map, clicking on features to view attribute information, searching for a location or address, measure features and even print or share the map.

Saving CT ECO Maps to Your Personal Account

ArcGIS Online for personal use allows a user to create a user account, search for maps and data and create, save and share content. Below is a short description of how to access ArcGIS Online, search for CT ECO maps and data, save copies of CT ECO maps to a user account and customize a map.

Getting Started: Once you have created your free ArcGIS Online for Personal Use account, login to ArcGIS Online.

Your Account: You will have access to your saved maps and data under the My Content tab. Your account settings and profile are available by clicking on your user name at the top of the interface.

Locating CT ECO Content: To locate CT ECO maps, data and groups, type "CT ECO" into the Search box. Note that you can filter your results if you wish.


Viewing Results: The results of your search query will load on the page. Notice many of the maps and services were created by CT_ECO. You can open any of these by clicking on the thumbnail or the Open link. If you wish to learn more about the data, click on the Details link.


Saving a CT ECO Map to a User Account: Open a CT ECO map in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer. Click on the Save dropdown menu on the toolbar and select Save As. Give your copy of the map an appropriate name, tags and summary. Click Save Map. A copy of the map will then be saved to your user account and will be editable.


Adding Your Own Content: Once you save a copy of a CT ECO map to your personal account, you can add additional content to the map. ArcGIS Online allows a user to search for additional layers from public content, add web services, upload local content or create new content by "drawing" on the map using an editable layer. Detailed information about how to add these different forms of data is available in the Online Help Guide. These items can be added to your map from the "Add" icon on the Map Viewer toolbar.


Sharing a Map: ArcGIS Online maps can be shared publically, within groups, on social media sites and embedded in websites. Click on the Share icon on the top of the map to view the Sharing options.