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Subscribe to CT ECOBe notified when CT ECO changes. Subscribe to the following listserv and automatically receive an email when new information becomes available or is updated at both the CT ECO and DEEP GIS Data download websites. When new maps and data are added or updated at CT ECO, the corresponding GIS data files downloadable from the DEEP GIS Data page are updated too.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection provides an email listserv that notifies you of important changes to both websites. This is a great way to know when new natural resource and environmental information is available online.

Follow these steps to subscribe to the listserv.

  • Send an email to imailsrv@list.state.ct.us.
  • In the email, leave the subject line blank.
  • In the body of the email type:
    Subscribe CTDEPGIS [FirstName] [LastName]
    (substitute your first and last name within the brackets)
    See the sample on the right.
  • To unsubscribe repeat the above steps, but substitute "Unsubscribe" for the word "Subscribe".

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection does not distribute your email address to anyone. We will send you an email only to inform you of map and data updates or other important GIS developments.

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The Connecticut GIS discussion list, named CTGIS-L, is an unmoderated listserve supported by the University of Connecticut. Its purpose is to facilitate communication among CTGIS-L subscribers about GIS and Geospatial related topics including job openings, GIS policy issues, data searches and questions concerning data standards.

Visit the CT GIS User to User Listerve page for instructions about how to describe to the CTGIS email listerve.


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