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2016 Orthophotography and Lidar Download

These are LARGE files! Please use the Interacive Select Mode with a Download Manager if you will be downloading more than a few files. UPDATED December 2017.
Metadata Correction: The xml file included in download of GeoTiff, MrSID3 and MrSID4 imagery is an outdated version. Details here.
Aerial imagery is available by tile in three formats (GeoTIff, MrSID3 and MrSID4) and by town mosaic in two formats (MrSID3 and MrSID4).
downloadbale here as raster DEM (tif) tiles, LAS point cloud tiles. Also go to contour geodatabase download.

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Download 2016

tiles or town mosaics

Download 2016 Elevation

DEM or LAS tiles