2016 Orthophotography and Lidar


This is an active project. VIsit the information page for status updates.

Statewide, 3 inch, 4 band orthoimagery AND statewide Quality Level 2 lidar (which translates to a 1 meter digital elevation model) was collected in the spring of 2016 marking the first time that Connecticut has captured imagery and elevation at such a high level of detail. The project was managed by the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG), on behalf of all nine regional councils of governments, and funded by the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management (OPM) with contributions from the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP).

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CT ECO Map Catalog (pdf)

Pdf maps by town showing the 2016 imagery.

Aerial Photo Viewer

The 2016s are part of the online, interactive viewer that contains many different aerial datasets for Connecticut.

CT ECO on ArcGIS Online

The 2016s have been added to the Connecticut Image Services group in CT ECO for ArcGIS Online.


Information about the dataset.

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Image Service

for advanced users
Click on the Map and Image Services page, then click on Imagery-Spring Statewide along the left and then 2016 Spring 4 band, 3 inch.


for GIS users
Download is available by GeoTIFF tile, MrSID Generation 3 tile, MrSID Generation 4 tile, MrSID Generation 3 Town Mosaic and MrSID Generation 4 Town Mosaic.

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Elevation Viewer

View elevation, hillshade, shaded relief, slope and aspect in a stand alone viewer.


View contours inside the xx viewer


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Image services

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Go to the Map and Image Services page and click on Elevation. Choose any of the services that include 2016 in the name.

DEM Tile Download

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Download bare earth DEM (digital elevation model) 1 meter tiles.

LAS Download (from NOAA)

for advanced GIS users
LAS files are lidar point cloud files and include all returns.

Project Information

Dataset Information and Facts