Featured Topics

These topics have received special treatment and are each mini-websites inside CT ECO.

2016 Imagery and Lidar

Orthoimagery (3 inch pixel resolution) and elevation data for all of Connecticut will be collected in the spring of 2016. The flight will provide Connecticut with its first statewide acquisition of datasets at this high level of detail.

Lidar Mosaic (2014-2006)

A virtual mosaic of eight lidar datasets captured mostly between 2010 and 2014 with a few areas going back to 2006. Explore the elevation, hillshade, shaded relief, slope and aspect in an interactive map viewer.

2012 Aerial Imagery

Learn about, view or download statewide, 4-band aerial imagery captured in March of 2012.

Fish Community Data

CT DEEP's freshwater fish and macro-invertebrate community data (historic and current). Available to view and download.

Connecticut Bears

Researchers at the University of Connecticut are collaborating with CT DEEP to create the first scientifically-based estimate of the number of black bears in Connecticut. Learn about this research and about CT's bear population in this interactive story map.

Carbon Mapping

A study that applied research-based coefficients to UConn's land cover maps to assess and view the impact of land cover change on Carbon in Connecticut. Read about the research and what is shows along with an interactive map viewer.