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The Blue Plan layers are grouped into a multiple map services. They are listed under Blue Plan on the CT ECO map services page as well as below.

Blue Plan Areas

Contains layers that delineate the policy and planning areas of the Blue Plan.

Map Service Name: BluePlan_Areas

Layers: Policy Area, Area of Interest

Blue Plan Ecologically Significant Areas (ESA) Mobile Invertebrates and Fish Layers

Map Service Name: BluePlan_ESA_Pillars_mobileinv_fish

Layers - Mobile Invertebrates. Mobile Invertebrates, Decapod Biomass Fall 1995-2004, Decapod Biomass Spring 1995-2004, Decapod Biomass Fall 2005-2014, Decapod Biomass Spring 2005-2014, Horseshoe Crab spawning, Horseshoe Crab Biomass Fall 1995-2004, Horseshoe Crab Biomass Spring 1995-2004, Horseshoe Crab Biomass Fall 2005-2014, Horseshoe Crab Spring Biomass 2005-2014, Lobster Thermal Refuge, Lobster Biomass Fall 1995-2004, Lobster Biomass Spring 1995-2004, Lobster Biomass Fall 2005-2014, Lobster Biomass Spring 2005-2014, Squid Biomass Fall 1995-2004, Squid Spring Biomass 1995-2004, Squid Biomass Fall 2005-2014, Squid Spring Biomass 2005-2014

Layers - Fish. Fish, Demersal High Weighted Persistence, Water Column High Weighted Persistence, Demersal Fall Abundance 1995-2004, Demersal Spring Abundance 1995-2004, Demersal Fall Abundance 2005-2014, Demersal Spring Abundance 2005-2014, Water Column Fall Abundance 1995-2004, Water Column Spring Abundance 1995-2004, Water Column Fall Abundance 2005-2014, Water Column Spring Abundance 2005-2014

Blue Plan Ecologically Significant Areas (ESA) Pillars

Map Service Name: BluePlan_ESA_Pillars

Layers: Cold Water Corals, Hard and Complex Seafloor, Wrecks-Obstructions sublayer, Hard Bottom sublayer, Complex Seafloor sublayer, Submerged Aquatic Vegetation, Coastal Wetlands, Endangered, Threatened, Species of Concern, Atlantic Sturgeon Critical Habitat sublayer, CT Critical Habitats sublayer, CT Natural Diversity Database sublayer, NY Significant Natural Communities sublayer, Roseate Tern sublayer, NY Signif. Coastal Fish-Wildlife sublayer, NY Rare Plants-Animals sublayer, Atl-Shortnose Sturgeon Habitat sublayer, Managed Shellfish Beds, Pinnipeds, Sea turtles and other reptiles, Sessile mollusk dominated communities, Birds, Bird Species Richness: Summer, Bird Species Richness: Winter, Key Bird Areas: Winter Roosting, Key Bird Areas: Nesting-Foraging, Cetaceans, Pillar 1 Rollup, Pillar 2 Rollup, All (Pillar 1 and Pillar 2).

Blue Plan Human Use - Fish and Shellfish

Map Service Name: BluePlan_HU_FishShellfish

Layers: CT Aquaculture Operations, LIS Recreational Fishing Activity, CT Aquaculture Gear Areas, CT Seaweed Licenses, NY Aquaculture Sites, CT Shellfish Beds (Natural), CT Shellfish Beds (Recreational), CT Shellfish Beds (State Managed), CT Shellfish Beds (Town Managed), LIS Commercial Fishing Activity

Blue Plan Human Use - Historic and Cultural

Map Service Name: BluePlan_HU_HistoricCultural

Layers: Lighthouses, LIS Coastal Observation Sites, LIS Water Quality Sampling Sites, Wrecks, Archaeological sites - Upland, Archaeological sites - LIS, Historic Districts, Open Space and Public Lands, Potential Submerged Holocene sites

Blue Plan Human Use Hot Spots

Map Service Name: BluePlan_HU_HotSpots

Layers: Concentrations of Historic Cultural and Educational Uses, Concentrations of Recreational Uses, Concentrations of Navigation, Transportation, etc., Uses, Concentrations of Fishing/Shellfishing Uses, Concentrations of All Human Uses, Concentrations of uses - Water Column, Concentrations of uses - Seafloor, Concentrations of uses - Surface

Blue Plan Human Use - Navigation and Transport

Map Service Name: BluePlan_HU_Nav_Transport

Layers: Working Waterfronts, Coastal Energy Facilities, Underwater Cables, Open Water Disposal Sites, Lightering Zones, Business and Commercial Dredging Areas, Fairways and Navigation Channels, Anchorage Areas, Cable And Pipeline Areas, Restricted Areas, Vessel Transit Lanes

Blue Plan Human Use - Recreation

Map Service Name: BluePlan_HU_Recreation

Layers: Individual Ocean Uses, Boat Launches, Marinas and Yacht Clubs, Coastal Access Sites, Public Access Beaches, Water Trails, Sailing Race Routes, Sailing Race Areas, Anchorage Areas, Migratory Waterfowl Concentration Areas, Dive Areas, Mooring Fields, Open Space and Public Lands, Potential Waterfowl Hunting Areas, Recreational Boater Density


The following links contain zipped geodatabases containing layers for use in a Geographic Information System (GIS). Layer names can be deciphered by using the abbreviations defined below. If you do not have access to a GIS and/or do not know how to use it, refer to the Map Viewer to view and explore all of the layers in the Blue Plan.

Blue Plan Areas

Blue Plan Areas

Blue Plan Ecologically Significant Areas (ESA)

Blue Plan ESA All - Contains a summary of all ESAs combined.

Blue Plan ESA Pillar 1 Rare, Sensitive, or Vulnerable Species, Communities, or Habitats (RSVSH)

Blue Plan ESA Pillar 2 Areas of High Natural Productivity (AHNP)

Blue Plan Human Use Areas (HU)

Blue Plan Human Use Fish and Shellfish

Blue Plan Human Use Historic and Cultural

Blue Plan Human Use Hot Spots

Blue Plan Human Use Navigation and Transport

Blue Plan Human Use Recreation



0514 - the years 2005 to 2014

9504 - the years 1995 to 2005

AHNP - Areas of High Natural Productivity

AOI - Area of Interest

AS - Atlantic Sturgeon

CFWA - Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitats

CH - Critical Habitats

CS - Complex Seafloor

CT - Connecticut

D - Demersal

Deca - Decapod

ESA - Ecologically Sensitive Area

ETSC - Endangered, Threatened, Species of Concern

Fa - Fall

Freq - Frequency

HB - Hard Bottom

HCE - Historic, Cultural, Educational Uses

Hor - Horseshoe Crab

HU - Human Use

LIS - Long Island Sound

LISBP - Long Island Sound Blue Plan

Lob - Lobster

Mob - Mobile

Moll - Mollusc

NDDB - Natural Diversity Database

NTMIC - Navigation, Transport, Industry and Commerce

NY - New York

P - Pelagic

P1 - Pillar 1

P2 - Pillar 2

Pin - Pinniped

PM - Participatory Mapping

Ros Tern - Roseate Tern

RQOL - Recreational, Quality of Life

RSVSH - Rare, Sensitive, or Vulnerable Species, Communities, or Habitats

SAV - Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

Sess - Sessile

SHL - Shellfish

SHUA - Significant Human Use Activity

SNC - Significant Natural Communities

Sp - Spring

Sqi - Squid

SR - Species Richness

Sturg - Sturgeon

W - Water Column

WP - Weighted Persistence

Wrk - Wreck