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Parent-child relationships

Available with Workflow Manager license.

Parent-child relationships represent a hierarchy between two or more jobs in a workflow. When a child job is created—either by using the Create Job step or associated with an existing job—it is linked to the parent job and can be visualized on the map from the Manage page. These relationships can be combined with dependencies in such a way that a child job can temporarily restrict the parent job from progressing while work is being performed in the child job. Once the work in the child job is completed, the dependency is released and work can continue in the parent job.

This hierarchy is useful for breaking workflows into subprocesses that can be managed based on location or other factors. Data sources, versions, and attachments can be associated with the child job to reduce data duplication across multiple jobs. This is valuable for larger organizations or workflows that involve a larger number of people, and can ensure that comments are relevant to the task at hand.

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