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Test dynamic job properties

You can test the ArcGIS Arcade expressions used for step inputs and paths in your workflow diagrams to ensure that they are returning the values you expect. Complete these steps to test the values of Arcade expressions for an existing job in ArcGIS Workflow Manager:

  1. Choose the job that contains the Arcade expressions you want to test on the Work or Manage page.

    Learn more about searching for jobs


    If you want to test the output value of a step, the step must be completed before you can test the output value.

  2. Expand the Details panel if necessary.
  3. Click the More Actions button More Actions on the Details panel and click Show Job Id.
  4. Copy the job ID.
  5. Edit the job's workflow diagram to access the Diagram Settings panel.

    If the Diagram Settings panel isn't available, click a blank area of the workflow canvas.

  6. In the Diagram Settings panel, in the Evaluate Arcade Expression section, paste the job ID that you copied in the Job ID text box.
  7. Type the Arcade expression you want to test in the Arcade Expression text box.
  8. Click Preview to test the Arcade expression.
  9. Repeat steps 7 through 8 as necessary to test additional Arcade expressions.