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Service Description: Department of Transportation (DOT) Scenic Land Strips contains parcels, generally long narrow strips of land, that were purchased by the DOT under the Federal Highway Beautification Act of 1965. The purpose of this program was to reduce the proliferation of billboards and other unsightly structures or facilities along federally designated highways. There are 33 parcels of land located along seven highways in eight towns. Highways and the corresponding towns where DOT Scenic Lands are located include: U. S. Route 44 in Norfolk; Interstate 91 in Meriden; Interstate 84 in Plainville; Interstate 395 (formerly State Route 52) in Killingly; State Route 2 in Glastonbury; State Route 8 in Litchfield; State Route 9 in Essex and Deep River . This layer does not include all land owned by DOT.

Map Name: DOT Scenic Land Strips


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Layers: Description: Highway scenic land strips were purchased with funds from the Federal Highway Beautification Act of 1965. The nation's first lady at the time, Lady Bird Johnson, pushed for a bill to thwart the proliferation of billboards and junkyards along the nation's highways because "ugliness is so grim". This does not include all land owned by DOT. The source map scale is unknown.

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