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Soils/Potential_for_Subsurface_Disposal_Systems (MapServer)

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Service Description: This service is in mature support as of December 2022. Please replace this service with Soil Potential Ratings for Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems SSURGO from CT DEEP.

Map Name: Potential Ratings for Subsurface Disposal Systems


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Layers: Description: Soil Potential Ratings for Subsurface Disposal Systems data indicates the relative suitability of soils for installing a single family residence subsurface disposal system (SSDS), as well as ways those limitations may be overcome. Soil potential ratings are classes that indicate the relative quality of a soil for a particular use compared to other soils in a given area. These soil potentials were developed for planning purposes and are not intended as recommendations for soil use. The special requirements identified to overcome soil limitations are a guide to planning and are not to be applied at a specific location without on-site investigation for design and installation. SSDS are systems consisting of a house sewer, a septic tank followed by a leaching system, any necessary pumps and siphons, and groundwater control system on which the operation of the leaching system is dependent. This interpretation focuses mainly on the septic tank leaching field and groundwater control system. A typical SSDS is assumed to be for a single family, 4-bedroom home on a 1-acre lot with a private well, or a ½-acre lot with public water supply. The system has a 1250 gallon septic tank and a 660 to 1000 square foot leaching field. This interpretation identifies the soil characteristics that are present in order for a typical system to be constructed. The source map scale is 1:12,000 (1 inch = 1,000 feet). This information is designed to be viewed and analyzed at this map scale. The minimum size delineation is 3 acres.

Copyright Text: USDA - NRCS

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