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Water_Resources/Aquifer_Protection_Areas (MapServer)

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Service Description: This service is in mature support as of December 2022. Please replace this service with Aquifer Protection Areas Set from CT DEEP.

Map Name: Aquifer Protection Areas


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Layers: Description: Aquifer Protection Areas are delineated for active public water supply wells in stratified drift that serve more than 1000 people, in accordance with Sections 22a-354c and 22a-354z of the Connecticut General Statutes. Level B Mapping delineates a preliminary aquifer protection area, providing an estimate of the land area from which the well draws its water. Level A Mapping delineates the final Aquifer Protection Area, which becomes the regulatory boundary for land use controls designed to protect the well from contamination. As Level A Mapping is completed for each well field and approved by DEEP, it replaces the Level B Mapping. Final Adopted Level A Areas are those where towns have land use regulations for them. Aquifer protection areas are represented as polygon areas and mapped for use at 1:24,000 scale (1 inch = 2,000 feet).

Copyright Text: CT DEEP

Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)

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