2012 Orthophotography


Aerial imagery for Connecticut was captured in March 2012. It was paid for through a partnership between Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP), the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT), and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) along with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) providing support through project management, contracting and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC). 

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CT ECO Map Catalog (pdf)

Choose a town and scroll down. There are two sets of 2012 imagery. Here we are talking about the leaf off. The other 2012 is a lower resolution, leaf on imagery from the USDA NAIP.

Aerial Image Viewer

The 2012s are part of the online, interactive viewer that contains many different aerial datasets for Connecticut.

CT ECO on ArcGIS Online

The 2012s have been added to the Connecticut Image Services group in CT ECO for ArcGIS Online.


Information about the dataset.

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Image Service

for advanced users
Click on the Map and Image Service page, click on Imagery- Spring Statewide along the left side and then 2012 Spring 4 band, 1ft.


for GIS users
Download is available in GeoTIFF tile, MrSID tile and jpeg2000 town mosaics.