Connecticut Elevation (Lidar) Data


The statewide 2016 lidar-based elevation has replaced the 2006-2014 virtual mosaic for statewide services including hillshade, shaded relief, slope and aspect for Connecticut. Other lidar datasets are available in the Elevation Interact map and as image services.

View Elevation

Elevation Viewer

The 2016 bare earth raster tiles are part of the online, interactive elevation viewer that contains elevation, hillshade, shaded relief, slope and aspect along with index layers like footprints.

Elevation Interact

for intermediate users

Seven elevation datasets in one map with image display options.

Metadata and Information

The linked page lists all available documentation for each dataset.

Get Elevation

Image services

for advanced users
Go to the Map and Image Services page and click on Elevation.

2016 DEM and LAS Download on CT ECO and NOAA

for GIS users
Download 2016 bare earth DEM and LAS tiles on CT ECO. Download selected area with advanced options from the NOAA Data Access Viewer.

2016 Contour Tile Download

for GIS users
Download 2016 contour files.


Digital Elevation Model Shaded Relief Dataset Footprints
Hillshade Slope Aspect