3D Lidar Viewer

Viewer Slides


Connecticut Lidar points. The starting view of the Viewer which is the colorized 2016 Lidar points for Connecticut.

Hartford. A 3D view of the colorized Lidar points for Hartford. Notice the actual bridge heights as well as tall buildings and parking garages.

Bridges on 95 over Thames River. A 3D view of the colorized Lidar points for the I-95 and railroad bridge over the Thames River between New London and Groton. Notice the bridge deck height compared to the flat aerial imagery as well as the railroad bridge detail.

Falkner Island. A 3D view of the colorized Lidar points for Falkner Island. Notice the topography of the island along with the height of the lighthouse and building.

UConn Storrs Campus. A 3D view of the Class Code Modulated, or intensity values of the Lidar points. High intensity are red (strong signal was returned) and low intensity are trees where a fragmented signal was returned.

Buildings and Trees. The Lidar points were used as input to the 3D buildings and trees. The buildings have roofs (that aren't just flat!) and walls and the trees have crowns. Click on any building to see attributes including building height and roof type. Click on any tree to see crown height and diameter.

Lidar Contours. Part of the 2016 statewide flight included the creation of 1 foot contour lines from the Lidar data. The contours are part of the 3D scene viewer and are therefore shown in 3D. View them with other layers and also use the viewer measurement tools with the contours.

Flood. Flood waters shown over land with 3D Lidar heights.