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Service Description: FEMA MOTF produced high resolution Hurricane Sandy depth grids and flood extents for the States of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. These surge flooding depth/area estimates were produced by FEMA MOTF using preliminary field observation data collected by USGS through November 11 (FEMA-USGS Mission Assignment for pre-landfall Storm Surge Sensors/Rapid Deployment Gages and post-landfall High Water Mark collections). These files represent our current best estimate of storm surge flood inundation from Hurricane Sandy for NJ, NY, and CT as of 11/11/2012. Water surface elevation products were created from field‐verified High Water Marks (HWMs) and Storm Surge Sensor data from the USGS through 11‐November 2012. HWMs and Surge Sensor data are used to interpolate a water surface elevation.

Map Name: FEMA Modeling Task Force Analysis


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Layers: Description: The FEMA Modeling Task Force (MOTF) is a group of modeling and risk analyst experts from FEMA Regions VIII (Denver) and IV (Atlanta) that may be activated by the FEMA National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) for Level 1 events in support of disaster response operations. The group consists of individuals with experience in multi-hazard loss modeling and impact assessments, including earthquakes, hurricanes, riverine and coastal floods (surges, tsunamis), winter storms and others. The MOTF plays an important role in coordinating hazard and modeling information from a variety of sources, including other federal agencies, universities, the National Labs, and State and local agencies, to develop consensus for best estimates of impacts before, during, and after events. The MOTF integrates observed information throughout disasters to “ground-truth,” verify, and enhance impact assessments.

Copyright Text: FEMA, CT DEEP

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