Connect to Connecticut's Elevation Layers using ArcGIS Online


There are a couple of choices here. If you don't know how to use ArcGIS Online, consider taking a Geospatial Training Program class or reading up online.

The first choice is to start with our map and then save it to your own ArcGIS Online account (either a free, public account that has restrictions or an existing organizational account). Under this scenario, you are saving a copy of our map and can therefore make changes like adding or removing layers, changing the appearance and extent and sharing. It is a copy so you are not changing our original map (and cannot even if you tried).

The second choice is to start with a new Map and then add the layers.


Steps for starting with the existing elevation map:

Open the ArcGIS Online map. This is the same map as is available in the elevation viewer.

Sign In to ArcGIS Online using your own account.

Choose Save As to save a copy of the map to your own account. Note that your map is now disconnected from our original map. You are not changing our map and any changes we make to our map will not be reflected on your map.

Use the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer to make any changes or additions to the map.


Steps for adding layers to a new map:

Go to and sign in. If you do not have an account, you can create a free, public account here.

Click on Map to open a new, blank map the in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.

To add the elevation layers to the map, click on Add and choose Search for Layers.

Add Layers to ArcGIS Online

  • Type elevation into the Find: box. Note - leaving the Find: box blank will list all services on the server including elevation and imagery.
  • Choose A GIS Server in the In: list.
  • In the URL: type or copy/paste
  • Click GO.

The elevation layers available are listed. Click Add next to any or all of the layers that you would like to add to your map. When finished, click Done Adding Layers at the bottom of the left panel.

Continue to create your map as normal in ArcGIS Online. Be sure to save it when you are finished.